69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Virtual Conference - Cuenca, Spain August 31 - September 2

Student-Mentor mixer

The EWDA Student Board is excited to organise the student-mentor mixer at the upcoming joint WDA/EWDA Conference.

The event aims to break down the invisible barriers between students and professionals, and mingle who share similar interests in different areas of wildlife health and disease. This is the perfect opportunity for students to personally meet wildlife experts that most match with their particular interests, and for professionals to get to know the new generation of wildlife enthusiasts.

Different sections will be created depending on the professionals that will adhere to the program, and both students and mentors will have the opportunity to talk with each other in an interactive and dynamic way. The event will take place in an external area at the campus near the conference site at 19h00 on 02/09/2021. Bios of the mentors will be sent to all students who participate in the conference a few days before the event, so that they can have time to see who to expect and prepare some targeted questions.

This event is free for everyone, so we strongly encourage you to join us for this fantastic opportunity and have a great time in a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere!

More info coming soon...