69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Virtual Conference - Cuenca, Spain August 31 - September 2

Bird nest boxes workshop. Join us!

The pressure of urban and industrial human activities, the loss of forested areas (deforestation, fires...), among other causes, result in greater extensions of young trees that do not provide the holes or cracks that several forest bird species need for nesting. This is one among a series of factors threatening Mediterranean forest bird populations.

An apparently simple solution to this problem is to provide birds with the appropriate nest boxes that accomplish with the function that natural tree holes or cracks should have. Some of the benefits of setting up a network of nest boxes in young forests are:

  • Increasing the chances of nesting for many forest bird species; Increased breeding stabilizes around the third to fourth year from placement.
  • Decreased predation risks when compared to natural nesting sites.
  • Assistance in the recovery of endangered species.
  • Facilitate the access to nestlings during scientific studies.

The purpose of this Workshop is to build up different models of nest boxes on the basis of previous experience of use by local forest bird species. Nest boxes will be hanged on trees during the voluntary reforestation activity of Saturday, September 4, in areas of the province of Cuenca that were recently devastated by fire.

The organisers will supply participants with information on bird nest building, on the bird species to which any specific box is intended and will provide all the required materials for building them. Please, come and enjoy with us this funny activity!