69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Virtual Conference - Cuenca, Spain August 31 - September 2

Scientific Programme

Preliminary Programme:

09.00-13.00 – Conference session for Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania
13.00-17.00 – Break
17.00-21.00 – Conference session for Europe, Africa & America

09.00-12.00 – Conference session for Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania
12.00-14.30 – Break
14.30-16.00  WDA Business Meeting (To be confirmed)
16.00-17.00 – Break
17.00-21.00 – Conference session for Europe, Africa & America
22.00-24.00 – Student-Mentor mixer (To be confirmed)

09.00-12.00 – Conference session for Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania
12.00-14.30 – Break
14.30-16.00 – Awards Ceremony (To be confirmed)
16.00-17.00 – Break
17.00-20.50 – Conference session for Europe, Africa & America
20.50-21.00 – Conference Closure

Sessions time corresponds to the continental European summer time (UTC+2). You can check the time in your country’s time zone in the northern hemisphere summer in the following table:

Can I give my talk if my abstract is selected?
Yes. The scientific sessions have been divided into two shifts per day in order to allow for live attendance of both presenters and participants regardless of their time zone of residence. Presentations in the scientific sessions will be allocated according to the time zone of the residence of the speakers, allowing for live presentations. If a speaker plans to be outside the time zone of his/her home city, please notify the conference secretariat (cuenca2020@viajeseci.es) in advance. There is also the possibility for the presentation to be pre-recorded, so in case the presenter cannot be live, his/her presentation can be played in its corresponding time slot. All speakers of a session could be available for live questions to the talks throughout the session. 
A talk I am interested in will be given in a session that runs outside office hours for me. Do I have to miss this talk or get up at night to listen to it?
No. Every talk will be recorded and will be available a few minutes later throughout the whole Conference and the fortnight directly thereafter for viewing by participants at any time. Recordings will only be taken with the consent of the authors. 

Presentation and e-poster preparation instructions

Congratulations to the acceptation of your work!
Please follow these instructions for the preparation of your presentation/e-poster in order to ensure smooth and successful sessions. Thank you!
Invited (Keynote) presentations
Invited presentations (six plenary speakers + three student plenary speakers) are scheduled for 30-35 minutes plus 10-15 minutes for questions. Please look at the presentation instructions for guidelines for the preparation of your talk as well as specific information provided by the scientific committee.
Oral presentations
Oral presentations are scheduled for 12 minutes with three minutes for questions. Presentations will be streamed live directly but will also be pre-recorded and available for later viewing.
Both 4:3 and 16:9 formats of slides are acceptable although 16:9 format is recommended. You can pre-record your presentation and run it either on pdf or ppt, or instead give the talk in person. At the time your talk is scheduled you will need to share your desktop. We may ask for a backup of your talk in case you encounter technical problems
Poster presentations
E-posters should be prepared in a 90x142cm format and can be uploaded either as ppt/pptx or pdf. Ideally the weight of Your e-poster should not exceed 100mb.
The 30 best student- posters will be notified and if you are among these you have the opportunity to record a five minute talk with our technical team that will be posted with your e-poster.