69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Virtual Conference - Cuenca, Spain August 31 - September 2

Abstract submission guidelines

This guide seeks to provide contributors with the required steps to successfully submit a scientific abstract for evaluation by the Scientific Committee (SC) / Student Award Committee (SAwC) of the 69th WDA / 14th EWDA 2021 Joint Virtual Conference.

Dates to consider

  • The call for abstracts opens February 1, 2021
  • The deadline for the submission of abstracts for the Conference is April 18, 2021 April 30, 2021
  • The notification of acceptance/rejection of Conference abstract is May 31, 2021

Scope for abstracts

All abstracts on topics related to Wildlife Health are welcome. We encourage the submission of abstracts that adder to any of the non-exclusive thematic areas of the main topic of the conference “Managing Wildlife Diseases for Sustainable Ecosystems” that are displayed in the website and in the abstract submission template.

Presentation of scientific contributions

The preferred mode of presentation of abstracts shall be clearly identified by the author during the abstract submission process. The Scientific and Student Award Committees hold the right of the final allocation of the contributions to the scientific sessions in the Virtual Conference as well as of the presentation type. The authors will be notified on due time of the decision of the Committees for agreement. The scientific contributions can be presented in any of the following categories:

  • Oral presentation preferred (for the Conference)
  • E-poster presentation preferred (for the Conference)
  • Either (Oral or e-poster presentation for the Conference)
  • Oral presentation competing for the Student Awards (see rules below)
  • E-poster presentation competing for the Student Awards (see rules below)


How to submit an abstract

All the scientific contributions must be submitted through the abstract submission system in the Conference website (http://www.cuenca2020.com/site/login/mobile/#!) after an account has been created. Use your account user and password to submit your abstract(s) through the submission system. Submission is accepted prior to registration to the Virtual Conference but any accepted abstract will not be included in the final programme if the presenter is not register before the deadline of the registration period (August 15, 2021). The abstracts shall be submitted exclusively through the online portal. Fax, e-mail or other ways of abstract submission WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

The number of abstracts is not limited for presenters, so you are encouraged to send as many abstracts as you want to contribute to the Conference.

Please, read carefully the following abstract guidelines before preparing your abstract. Click here to download the abstract submission template for guidance.

  • Language. The abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Title. Provide a clear, concise and representative title of the study.
  • Authors. List the authors in the format provided in the abstract template.
  • Presenting author. Indicate clearly in bold type underlined text the author who will be in charge of the presentation as displayed in the abstract template.
  • Affiliations. Provide reduced affiliations (Department, Institution, City & Country) for the authors according to the abstract template. Provide contact email address of the presenting author.
  • Abstract. The structure of the abstract should: a) present the context, problem and/or background of the study; b) display the main hypotheses tested, the goals or the questions that the study addresses; c) describe the methodological approach employed; d) estate the most relevant results of the study or the main findings; and e) provide clear conclusions or implications of the study that address the hypotheses tested, accomplish the goals or answer the questions of the study. The length of the abstract should not exceed 300 words excluding the title, author list, affiliations and keywords.
  • Keywords. Please provide a list of up to five keywords in alphabetical order. Select those keywords that can help classifying your study.
  • Presentation type. Click in the appropriate box to select preferred oral presentation, preferred e-poster presentation or either. Please click in the appropriate box for ‘Oral’ or ‘E-poster’ presentation competing for the Student Awards if you are a student, if you wish to submit your abstract for the Student Award competition and if you accomplish with the requisites to compete for Student Awards (see below).
  • Thematic area. Please choose the thematic area to which your study fits better among those in the list.

Please follow the template for abstracts.

A confirmation email will be sent to you once the abstract has been successfully submitted. Check your email (including spam and/or not desired mail) for confirmation. For any query or question regarding the submission system, please contact us at cuenca2020@viajeseci.es.


Student Presentation Award Competition

Abstracts submitted by students, who are current WDA members, are eligible to participate in the WDA Student Presentation Award Competition. Students that are not WDA members are encouraged to join WDA prior to submitting an abstract to ensure they are eligible for the competition. Students, who are WDA members, and who would like to be considered for the WDA Student Presentation Award Competition must follow the abstract guidelines and criteria outlined here: https://www.wildlifedisease.org/wda/STUDENTS/StudentAwards.aspx

WDA Student Definition:

enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate student programme at least half-time, or be participating full-time in an internship or residency program which is approved for credit towards board certification or graduate degree.

This definition is on the WDA website:

Abstracts which select YES to the following three questions in the abstract submission template will be scored by the SAwC. All other abstracts will be scored by the SC.

  • Are you a current WDA member [Y/N]
  • Are you a current student (as defined by the WDA)? [Y/N]
  • Would you like your presentation to be considered for the WDA Student Presentation Awards competition? [Y/N]
    Note: You must be a student and a WDA member to be eligible for the competition and follow the additional abstract guidelines for students: https://www.wildlifedisease.org/wda/STUDENTS/StudentAwards.aspx


Terms and Conditions

The SC and SAwC will carefully check that the studies presented in the abstracts have been undertaken in accordance with international rules on animal experimentation and that an Institutional Ethics Committee approved the use of animals in case these have been essential in the study.

It is the responsibility of the submitting author to ensure that all co-authors have approved the submission of the abstract in the submitted form.

The Organizing Committee of the 69th WDA – 14th EWDA Joint Conference would not be responsible for the consent of co-authors and their institutions in the publication of the abstracts. The submitting author must ensure that the consent has been obtained from all of them; it signs for and accepts the responsibility for releasing this material on behalf all co-authors.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the book of abstracts of the Conference along with author names and affiliations, but this will not incur in copyright issues.