69th WDA / 14th EWDA - Joint Virtual Conference - Cuenca, Spain August 31 - September 2

All You need to know about the Virtual WDA/EWDA Conference

1. An international Virtual Conference? How is this going to work?
In order to be able for all international participants to interact, the Conference will be organized into two daily scientific communications sessions, accommodating for the different time zones, enabling researchers from around the world to interact directly with their European colleagues. Although presentations will be live-streamed, they will also be recorded and available for viewing throughout the week (and beyond) allowing participants to attend any talk regardless of their time zone. A time frame of about two hours in which time zones overlap in office hours will be reserved for general purposes such as the WDA business meeting, the Auction (if held), the student mentor mixer and the award ceremony.
2. How will I give my talk if my abstract is selected?
Abstract submission and selection by the Scientific Committee/Student Award Committee will work as for the traditional congress format. Selected talks will be assigned to sessions that will be moderated by chairs and will be streamed live. The speaker can either present his/her talk directly or pre-record the talk with the aid of our assistants and later that will be shown in its slot in the session. All speakers of a session will be available for questions to the talks throughout the session. Questions can also be posed throughout the Conference privately to speakers either by chat or by videoconference in the virtual networking area.
3. How will poster presentations work?
All posters will be e-posters, but there will be the option to include a short, pre-recorded (no more than 3 minutes) presentation with the e-poster. This presentation can either be recorded using the virtual tool offered by the Conference organizers or it can be recorded by the delegate with his/her own means and preferred program, and then sent to the Conference secretary (cuenca2020@viajeseci.es). Also, some of the best (student-) posters will be selected for short (5min) poster-teaser presentations. All e-posters will be available for viewing throughout the Conference and could - only with the author’s consent (authorisation by the lead author in representation of all authors as specified in Terms and Conditions) - be made downloadable as pdf file.
4. A talk I am interested in will be given in a session that runs outside office hours for me. Do I have to miss this talk or get up at night to listen to it?
No. Every talk will be recorded and will be available a few minutes later throughout the whole Conference and the fortnight directly thereafter for viewing by participants at any time. Recordings will only be taken with the consent of the authors.
5. Will I be able to interact and network with other congress participants?
Yes. A networking area will be available continuously throughout the Virtual Conference tool in which participants can interact virtually. In addition, between sessions specific time slots will be reserved for promoting interaction between participants. 
6. I am a sponsor and would like to offer my products/service to participants. Is this possible?
Yes. A specific virtual area for sponsors and their expositions will be available and accessible throughout the Conference for all participants. You can upload information to the virtual booth and make as well as any information accessible to participants by links. You could also actively chat with participants.
7. A virtual conference is nice, but I will miss the visit to Spain and the city of Cuenca.
Unfortunately, this year the pandemic will not allow participants to visit Cuenca in person. However, a specific section with information, links and videos on the venue will be enabled that will be accessible throughout the congress and the following two weeks so everybody can get a glimpse off beautiful Cuenca and plan for future visits.